Gluten Free Food

gf floursIf you can’t eat gluten, you can’t eat wheat, rye, barley or oats. There are however, a variety of alternative flours that you can bake or cook with. They include white rice,  brown rice,  almond, tapioca, potato, soy, corn, coconut, sorghum, amaranth, buckwheat, quinoa,  arrowroot, and more.

You can find these flours at most of your local health food stores. The other option is chain grocery stores like Stop & Shop, Wegmans, and Whole Foods Market. They have aisle after aisle of gluten-free flours to choose from.

Tapioca can give your baked goods a crunch, if you prefer this texture. At the same time, it can give a chewy texture in a pizza crust. Almond and soy flour are very low in carbs if you are on this type of a diet. They all have benefits to reap from.

Even if you are not Celiac or gluten intolerant, it’s still worth trying different flours.


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