Cold and Flu Season

It’s that time again! It is the heart of winter and that can mean only one thing, “cold and flu season has arrived.” If you prefer not to take antibiotics you maybe wondering, what can I take to combat an illness?

Well, there is an alternative approach, which includes oregano, larch arabingolactan, selenium, vitamin C and A. These herbs, vitamins, and minerals have a powerful affect on fighting off infections. They can even aid in preventing it all together.

There are also certain food products that can assist your body as well. Of course, the good, old fashion chicken soup, along with carrots, ginger, and oranges. Ginger is an anti-inflammatory, oranges contain vitamin C, and carrots have vitamin A. They are also anti-viral remedies.

Hopefully, we can make it to the spring time with a healthy approach and outlook.


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