Gluten Free Cruises

If you have food allergies you may think that planning a vacation can be difficult. Well not necessarily. Now, there are so many cruise options that cater to a gluten free menu, pun intended.

If you choose to take a trip consider the Carnival Cruise Lines or even the Disney Cruise Ship. Call up an agent, tell them you have Celiac Disease or food allergies, and that you need the gluten free menu. They will make a note in your file, when you officially make your reservations. Then, the day you arrive on board, you should go directly to the maรฎtre d’, aka head waiter. He will assist you with all of your dining needs.

Of course, you can eat all the main entrees such as chicken, steak, and fish. The side dishes are usually vegetables. You maybe wondering about the starches. This is where they will prepare gluten free breads, pastas, cakes, and pancakes. They are readily available on-board.

For more assists with cruises visit the following website:


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