Gluten Free Desserts

Most people with Celiac disease have difficulty on Halloween. Well, here is another idea. Try bakeries! There are a few gluten free bakeries in New Jersey.

There is SugaRush in Red Bank. They have gluten free Wednesdays. A nice treat in the middle of the week.

Linda’s Diet Delights is located in Clark. They offer low carb, low calorie, or gluten free foods.

The Pink Cake Box is in Denville. They are great for party occasions, the cakes look beautiful.

The Cake Over is in Lake Hiawata. The owner has allergies in her family. She reduces sugar when and if possible. Prefers oil over butter, if possible. Uses more egg whites than yolks and low fat cream cheese.

Gluten Free Gloriously can be found in Sterling. They are not only gluten free, but they are expanding to soy and dairy free too.

Now, of course, these are only some of the bakeries out there. Gluten free desserts has become a huge market. So check out your area.


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