Gluten Free Pizzerias

pizzaHaving gluten free pizza at a pizzeria was just a dream. Well not anymore! There are a couple of franchise to go to called Pizza Fusion and Uno.

Pizza Fusion has gluten-free and vegan crusts, sauces, and cheeses. They are even considerate enough to list the ingredients of their crust online for all to read. You can order almost any topping, excluding the barbeque sauce and sausage. Plus, there is a wide variety of organic veggie toppings. As for the vegan and vegetarian cheeses, soy and daiya melt just as beautifully as mozzarella. Visit their website at Pizza Fusion’s Menu.

Uno was the first in casual dining to offer Gluten-Free pizza! They specifically have a thin crust pizza. There are three choices, which include pepperoni, cheese and tomato, and veggie. The veggie pizza toppings are mushrooms, onions, peppers, and all-natural tomato sauce. For more details visit the website atΒ Uno’s Menu.

So just like the good old days, stop in and grab a slice of pie or even get delivery.


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