Pop Posh Bake Shop

posh popPosh Pop Bake Shop is a great bakery. All ingredients are wheat free, gluten free, and natural. They use sweet cream, whole milk, and eggs in all of their products, unless specified when ordering. If you need a specialized product (example: nut free, dairy free, or sugar free) please specify in an email to them. Although, nuts are not a part of every recipe, trace amounts of peanuts or tree nuts can be in any of the desserts. Major allergens in the desserts include milk, egg, soy, peanut, and tree nuts.

You maybe wondering, what is a Posh Pop? Well, a Posh Pop is a decadent cake pop, like a lolli-pop. Posh Pops are made from fully baked cake that is mixed with icing and dipped in imported Callebaut chocolate.

They decorate their products with ribbons, sprinkles, candy accents, chocolate and caramel artful drizzles, and many more to keep them in style and ready to impress.

Feel free to check out their menu at Posh Pop Bake Shop.


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