Gluten Free Prescriptions

pillsPharmaceutical, prescription drugs can be gluten free, whether you believe it or not. Now, you may think that just food and cosmetics (for dermatitis herpetiformis) have to be gluten free, but medications do as well.

Some drug companies have been telling consumers, that some of the drugs they manufacture contain gluten. It appears that the reason their drugs are cross contaminated is due to sugar alcohols as the excipients.

There is a website called Gluten Free Drugs. There you can find PDF files that contain lists of gluten free drugs and companies. This site is continuously updated and maintained by a clinical pharmacist.

Now, we all need a doctor to write out a prescription sooner or later. Even if, it’s just for an antibiotic or a long- term form of treatment, gluten free for a Celiac is the safest route.


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