“So nice to meet everyone, hope to see you all again soon!”

— Corey on Oct 4, 2014

“Fantastic !”

— John Obal on May 5, 2014

“ Very Informative”

— Carrie Vallone on Nov 10, 2013

“I really enjoyed meeting everyone today! Nice group of people, and I look forward to seeing you all again next month. Thanks Sarah for organizing everything.”

— Sari Steinberg on Feb 2, 2013

“Love this group! Such nice people. I know i will get back on track with support like this.”

— Dana Richards on Feb 2, 2013

“I think the group had a lot to offer someone with celiac and allergies and I look forward to meeting up with them again.”

— Colleen S on Feb 20, 2012

In the time I’ve known Sarah, she’s been a great help to me in identifying gluten-free products ranging from shampoos to foods. When a member of my family wanted to get off yeast, Sarah was able to recommend excellent yeast-free alternative products making it much easier for my family to have a yeast-free lifestyle without feeling deprived. Her extensive background and knowledge in gluten-free and yeast-free living has helped us save a lot of time and money in finding the products that taste best and fit our lifestyle. All in all, our gluten-free, yeast-free lifestyles have been simplified and improved because of Sarah’s expertise in allergies and allergen-free products.

— Christie Stratos 2012

Sarah’s health coaching webinars have proven to be insightful, fun and a great way to chat with other Celiac’s in the comfort of my own home. I have thoroughly enjoyed the few I was able to attend and look forward to logging into more in the future!

— Linnea Tober- Murphy 2011

I’m happy that I attended the teleconference last night because it made me further realized that I am not alone when it comes to living with several food allergies as well as eczema. Having these allergies has made it increasingly difficult to maintain a great social life. Sarah provided informative information that I can use to help me relieve my issues with eczema. Please feel free to let me know about future teleconferences and webinars, so I can attend.

— Nate’ Heard 2011


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